Adopt top decorations to achieve the best circuit

On October 16, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was released on Nintendo Switch. A new Nintendo branded experience where players control a remote controlled car while enjoying an augmented reality return. Mario Kart from home, a nice idea that attracted more than one. However, to increase immersion, it is advisable to leave the bottom in a circle worthy of the name. Furniture, pillows, books, video game boxes, the objects used can be numerous, with only the cardboard doors supplied with the box being required for the game. To get you started, we need to bring you some harmless but useful products.

a race with Bowser’s Castle in the background

To improve your circuitry, look out for this LEGO x Super Mario set that immortalizes the battle of Bowser’s castle. A mythical scene that will definitely add a seal of approval to your installation.

Right there, a LEGO x Super Mario package for € 89.99 is displayed.

when Mario becomes a diorama

Now let’s think beyond the scope of LEGO to take a look at a Mario diorama by Jakks Pacific. Perfect for decorating your racetrack, this diorama will allow you to find emblematic elements of the Mario universe just inches from your kart.

The 5-digit Mario diorama is available here for € 19.71.

Decoration signed Mario

A circuit is good, a little decoration is even better. And who better than the Nintendo licensed characters who act as spectators? Yoshi, Daisy, Donkey Kong, key characters whose characters enhance immersion in your course at a lower cost.

You can find the 18 figures here at a price of € 14.99.

efficient and easy to store wooden blocks

What could be nicer than using colorful wooden blocks from our childhood to build a racetrack. This makes it possible to build towers, bridges, walls or even obstacles without blowing up the bank.

You can find Melissa & Doug wooden blocks for € 18.99 here.

Plastic, it’s awesome

If wood isn’t your thing, plastic might be an eye catcher. Use these mugs to define your country and put up obstacles there without breaking the bank. And after you’ve finished your game, you can even use the remaining cups for watering. In addition, these cups are accompanied by boys who are perfect spectators once they sit high up.

Colorful mugs at a price of € 14.99 can be found right there

funny little rivets

Change the size of the obstacles with these 7/8 cm cleats. They are colorful and allow you to set up slaloms before being slapped and moved around the turns from all sides. Plots that also serve you if you want to learn rollerblade or to ride a bike.

Land at a price of € 10.99, available here.

to increase immersion

A racetrack is nothing without its black and white flags. And luckily we found little kids with toothpicks. A pack of 100 that should be placed anywhere for better immersion.

A pack of 100 toothpicks under the racing flag for € 6.59, right there.

To easily follow your corridors

Nothing beats turning to good old colored chalk to effortlessly draw your racetrack. Obviously, they shouldn’t be used on any type of soil. However, these chalks allow you to keep track of your circulation indoors and outdoors so your imagination can do the rest.

The box of 100 Maped Chalks costs only € 8 here.

Build unlimited

If traditional shapes are not enough for you, create your own with the legendary Play-Doh modeling clay. 12 pots of different colors to use to create the obstacles of your choice before destroying everything to start over. Unlimited replayability.

The 12 pots of Play-Doh plasticine cost € 14.99 right there.

the rails, it wins you

What could be nicer than adding a little authenticity to your racetrack by setting up a decor worthy of the name. Make it vertical thanks to Brio World rails and give your racetrack a whole new look. Tracks that are obviously more aesthetic and have something about them, like these firefighters.

Here 16 rails are displayed for € 31.80.

Foam to prevent accidents

To add even more decor to your track, you can base your choice on the colored foam tiles. With these tiles, cubes, triangles and other geometric shapes can be assembled as desired.

The 20 tiles in 8 colors are available right there for € 31.88.

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