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Adele video calls fans after canceling concerts

Adele video calls fans after canceling concerts

The artist began her residency in Las Vegas but had to postpone the show due to Covid-19 and apologized.

The start of the residency has been postponed.

Adele started an artist residency in Las Vegas in the United States this weekend. Several members of the team tested positive for Covid-19 and the artist had to postpone the premiere. There were fans who were lucky enough to receive a video call from the singer apologizing for what happened.

The artist surprised some of the people who had tickets for the first concerts with FaceTime calls. Several fans shared videos of the phone calls on social media.

The fact that @Adele is making time to FaceTime fans who have flown to Las Vegas for her concert shows how genuine she is. Las Vegas is lucky to have them here. #AdeleVegas 🎥 @Dominic_Criso pic.twitter.com/bPB64Cehje

— Wesley Powers-Sabugo 🛹 (@mtrlguy) January 22, 2022

“The fact that Adele is taking time off for fans who have traveled to Las Vegas for the shows shows how genuine she is,” said Wesley Powers-Sabugo. In some parts, he can even be seen singing some of the most popular songs during the calls. There have been cases where multiple fans have joined at once.

This Friday, January 21st, the first concerts of this residency were scheduled to take place at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. They were scheduled until April 16th. With the team infected, it was not possible to finish everything that was required for this weekend’s performances.


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