Actress teases the arrival of the Scarlet Witch in MCU’s most anticipated film

Elizabeth Olsen, currently on WandaVision and starring in the upcoming Doctor Strange film, recently admitted in an interview that she may be in an upcoming MCU production. . We immediately take stock of the issue.

Scarlet witch in mcu phase 4

Elizabeth Olsen is particularly busy with the MCU right now as filming for Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness begins while the WandaVision series is airing. However, filming was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The on-screen actress who plays Scarlet Witch therefore has some time to take part in the promotion of her currently airing Disney + series. As we know, the WandaVision series will be linked to the upcoming Doctor Strange film. Several elements confirm this, and the third episode of WandaVision confirms this thanks also to a small detail. So many fans have wondered if Scarlet Witch might be appearing in other Marvel film productions anytime soon, and the answer might be yes, if Elizabeth Olsen is to be believed.

Scarlet Witch teases her entry in a new MCU movie

In an interview with Capital FM, Elizabeth Olsen was asked the famous question: will you be part of the already extensive cast of Spider-Man 3? The actress then replied, “If everyone is in Spider-Man 3, probably would be me too.” However, Elizabeth Olsen admits that she does not know all the details. In any case, she did not deny being able to perform as briefly as possible. But on the contrary. However, when we know how much Marvel dislikes when rumors begin (and also do whatever we can to make sure nothing is filtering), we understand that the actress may be teasing her future participation in Spider-Man 3.

While it’s now likely that Scarlet Witch will now be part of the Spider-Man 3 movie (which definitely has a lot of people featured in), it’s worth noting that we don’t even know exactly what role Doctor will play. Strange in Spider-Man 3. However, thanks to this character, it will surely be possible to see all those we didn’t think we would see again anytime soon. Strange therefore has a good chance of being the common denominator of all projects related to the multiverse. Given that he may be the one to come to the rescue of Wanda in WandaVision soon, these two could just follow each other for better and for worse in Phase 4 of the MCU.

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