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Actor Chris Evans may be on vacation in Lisbon

Fan Alert: Actor Chris Evans may be on vacation in Lisbon

The Hollywood star hasn’t confirmed this, but a video posted to Twitter suggests he may be staying at the Hotel Ritz.

Actor Chris Evans may be staying at the Ritz.

A video posted on Instagram may indicate that actor Chris Evans is in Lisbon. At least that’s what fans are convinced of, who noticed some similarities between the room shown in the pictures and the Hotel Ritz.

In the video, the actor spoke to students and teachers at a Jewish Foundation school, but that wasn’t what caught the attention of followers. The curved ceilings, gold-colored light, and green lampshade are identical to what the Ritz reveals in images on its website.

So far, the actor has not revealed whether he is in Portugal or not. No more photos or videos were published on Instagram either, showing where you might be at the moment. International press reveal Evans’ stay may be related to a possible romance with Portuguese actress Alba Baptista.

Chris Evans currently has several films in pre-production. This is the case with “Bermuda Triangle”, “Little Shop of Horrors” or “Red One”. More recently, he was part of the cast of Don’t Look Up and Free Guy: Unlikely Hero.

The Ritz Hotel has a facility similar to the one in the video.


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