Activists: Israel attacks Hezbollah targets in Syria | free press

Activists say the Israeli Air Force has attacked Hezbollah posts in Syria, the Lebanese Shia militia.

Beirut (DPA) – Activists say the Israeli Air Force attacked an arsenal and posts of the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah in Syria on Thursday evening.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said several rockets had struck north of the capital Damascus. According to eyewitnesses, the attacks could also be heard in neighboring Lebanon. Syrian media unanimously reported that the military intercepted most of the missiles. There was initially no information about possible victims.

Israel regularly attacks targets in Syria. These attacks often target pro-Iranian militias that, like Lebanon’s Hezbollah, are fighting alongside the government in the Syrian civil war. Israel wants to reduce Iran’s military influence in the neighboring country. Tehran regards Israel as a nemesis.

Israel and Lebanon are officially at war. Tensions have recently returned on the border between the two countries.

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