Acer joined the slew of companies, suspended operations in Russia

Taipei has increased sanctions against Russia because it invaded Ukraine. Acer, a Taiwanese tech company, said Friday that it was stopping all business in Russia because of this.

Self-ruled Taiwan has been paying close attention to the conflict in Ukraine and quickly joined the sanctions against Russia. The invasion has made people more afraid that China will one day follow through on threats to take over its smaller neighbor.

Acer said in a statement that it will stop doing business in Russia because of recent events. “The company is focusing on the safety of all of its employees, which includes making sure that everyone who has been affected by the current situation gets the help they need.”

There are 57 “strategic high-tech commodities” that Taiwan’s government now restricts exports of more tightly. These include things like computers, telecom, and avionics devices, as well as equipment for making semiconductors.

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Exporters must get permission from the Bureau of Foreign Trade first if they want to send items that are controlled to Russia. A lot of microchips are made on the island. It is also home to the world’s largest contract chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Last month, another top Taiwanese computer company, Asus, said that its shipments to Russia had been halted because of the war.

There were only a few days between Acer’s announcement and the news that Ukraine’s vice prime minister had written a letter to the company’s CEO begging him not to have “any relationships” with Russia.

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Fedorov, who is also Ukraine’s digital minister, has also asked big tech companies like Intel, Microsoft, and PayPal to stop working in Russia because of the country’s problems with the West. A growing number of big businesses, from McDonald’s to Adidas and Samsung, have stopped or cut back on their business in Russia.

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