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According to this theory, Homelander will die as a hero in season 3

Be careful, if you haven’t seen season 2 of The Boys or don’t want to be spoiled for content from the The Boys comics, we recommend you not read this.

The spoiler starts here. With a story as tragic as that of Homelander, a crowd-loving megalomaniac, President of the Seven, America’s great Savior, how could the character have a happy ending? We followed a theory that sheds light on the protector’s death from start to finish, and it convinced us enough that we can offer it to you too. Is Homelander really on the run?

Homelanders position at the end of season two

Billy Butcher has made it his mission to end The Protector, but so far Homelander is alive and he’s actually living pretty intensely. At the end of season two, the latter is still a hero to the public, especially after claiming on TV that Stromfront was indeed a terrible Nazi and that Stella would obviously be returning to her place in the Seven.

Yes, Homelander actually managed to improve his image after killing a civilian overseas, and if he did die in season 3 he would surely die a hero.

The theory that Homelander will die a hero

Let’s get back to Butcher’s original mission: to physically eliminate all Supers and publicly expose them for who they really are. The second part of Butcher’s mission is crucial as we saw him before, even if the boys manage to kill a Super (like Translucent) it can easily be replaced (by Stormfront). The only way to put an end to all of this is to demonize the Supers so that the public no longer has faith in them.

As a result, Vought can no longer replace her and the house of cards will collapse. The Soldier Boy’s arrival in the coming season could allow Butcher to make his plan a reality, as the Supe is, after all, the first Homelander, the original model. There is no doubt that this is a character full of vices as well. The point is, as our guys have shown over the past few seasons, killing Supers is a lot easier than the ideas submitted. It is therefore very likely that Homelander will be eliminated before people accept that the Supers are dangerous and full of vices and that they are not necessarily there to protect the country.

If the Protector were knocked out (somehow) it would be a victory for Butcher, but a hollow victory. Indeed, this would show that real evil is not Homelander, but the society that created it and nurtured its psychopathy. By killing the leader of the Seven, Butcher would understand the futility of his act, which in the end would correspond to his character who cannot find rest.

Homelanders killers

Of course, as we’ve already seen, the first name that comes to mind when we think of “Homelander Killer” is Metzger, who hates him deeply. Although the CIA no longer actively pursues Billy Butcher, he would have needed Stormfront’s help to restore his image on social networks. On the show, not so long ago, our man was still viewed by the population as the killer of Madelyn Stillwell, the terrifying monster that left an orphaned baby. It must be said that unlike the protector, Butcher’s face never loosens to show a beautiful smile in front of the media.

But how did Butcher manage to kill Homelander? If we trust the comics (and this is where you should stop if you don’t want to know more) Billy Butcher confronts a homelander who has gone mad about the blackmail put on him. However, it is not him, but Black Noir who turns out to be the protector’s clone who manages to neutralize him. Even so, the Butcher does not save, realizing that it may not be what Becca would have wanted.

Given the turn the series is taking (which is getting further and further removed from the original comics), we can assume that The Protector is killed in the series by Eric in an entirely different way. Kripke. If the ending is the same, Butcher would wallow in madness and misery and Homelander would be killed while he is still idolized. What better message than this to prove that it is complicated, if not impossible, to change things in our society (which Eric Kripke likes to demonstrate)?

And for your part, are you more Team Homelander or Team Butcher? If you’re still not sure, you can take our personality test to find out which character on the show you would be!


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