According to the study, 75% of the events have already been canceled this year


The study shows that 75% of the events planned for this year have already been canceled

Also, more than two-thirds of Portuguese say they do not intend to attend events in 2021.

Entrepreneurs in the events sector announce that 75 percent of the events planned for this year will be postponed for spring and summer 2022. This is coupled with a reduction in customer budgets and an unwillingness to return to events quickly.

The Fixando platform, where several professionals from different fields come together, published a new study on Wednesday May 12th, which was carried out among its customers from May 1st to May 11th. A total of 18,323 people were surveyed, 80 percent of whom said that by March they had already fallen by around 75 percent. Since then, only 54 percent have received assistance as the rest were not eligible to receive it.

Another problem that 87 percent of the professionals point out is the reduction in the budget available to customers when planning events. “The customers ran out of money, were looking for more economical alternatives, with fewer participants and in an open space,” guarantees a specialist in the field of audiovisual equipment rental.

From a customer perspective, only 19 percent admit that they will have organized an event in 2021. Birthday parties and weddings are the most common of these.

Additional data from this study shows that 76 percent of customers do not intend to attend an event. In this case, the most requested areas are the outdoor areas, which get 46 percent of the responses.

“The events sector saw a stronger decline in 2020 compared to the pre-pandemic reality, with breaks of over 85 percent in a few months and no signs of recovery. The restrictions, coupled with the Portuguese feeling of insecurity and instability, could have resulted in losses of the order of EUR 900 million for the sector. In 2021, despite a first quarter of negative growth aggravated by the restriction, the sector is beginning to find hope in this final phase of deflation and is growing in the order of 106 in the first ten days of May compared to the same period in April Percent, ”said Alice Nunes, director of new business for the Fixando platform.

Among the measures that make events safer are the use of a mask, performing rapid tests, and reducing the capacity of the events that are most defended.