According to The Mandalorian, this MCU series is the most hacked in 2021

Game of Thrones in 2019, The Mandalorian in 2020, what’s the most stolen series this year? The answer lies on the side of a super Marvel production.

The Mandalorian, number 1 last year

A victim of its own success, The Mandalorian was the most pirated series last year. Din Djarin’s epic about returning Grogu to his peers was a hit on the platform, with Season 1 released in late 2019 and watched over a billion minutes. At the end of 2020, season 2 had skyrocketed the audience.

This is because in the past, November 2019, the series was one of the few pieces of content that was available on Disney +. In addition, the platform was launched simultaneously in a very limited number of countries (53 today, almost a third of the world).

The proliferation of streaming services and the limited number of Disney + exclusive products can also explain the reasons for a shift towards illegal downloads.

Winning couple

Well, that somewhat paradoxical trophy has just won another hit streak this year. The Marvel WandaVision series which is now the Most Hacked Series of 2021 on torrent sites. The information comes from the TorrentFreak site which lists the most downloaded series on torrent sites each year.

As with The Mandalorian, WandaVision has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its release in early 2021. And as with The Mandalorian Adventures, that enthusiasm has never let up, it has remained constant throughout the year. The series even prided itself on taking the place of Loki, another hugely popular Marvel and Disney production, taking it second in the ranking.

Marvel dominance

A ranking where we noticed the presence of Arcane, the bluffing American-French Netflix series produced by Riot Games and directed by Fortiche Production and launched less than 2 months ago. This means. Here is the following ranking:

WandaVisionLokiThe WitcherFalcon and the Winter SoldierHawkeyeWhat if …? FoundationRick and MortyArcaneThe Wheel of Time

Through this top 10 we still notice the dominance of the Marvel series with no less than 5 representatives or half. Netflix, on the other hand, only has 3 (The Witcher, Rick and Morty, and Arcane). This is explained by the denser coverage (190 countries), the number of subscribers and the fact that this ranking only takes into account the series where the episodes appear in droplets, which excludes a good number of series from the Red N.

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