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According to reports, the June free games leaked out with great surprise

When the head cranks at the end of May, a sweet melody begins to vibrate in the minds of the PlayStation Plus subscribers. In fact, it only takes a few days for Sony to announce the list of new free games for the month of June. The opportunity for the trade press and gamers to engage in the wildest speculations …

A free and highly anticipated exclusivity

Among these bets, the specialized Spanish site Areajugones recently revealed only the names of three games that could be part of the list of free titles for the month of June 2021.

In the absence of any official announcements, these claims are apparently still at the rumor stage. However, it is common knowledge that areajugones have a sharp nose. In fact, last month the media had suspected that Battlefield V, Wreckfest, Stranded Deep would be part of the free games of the month. They had previously announced the next colors of the new Dual Sense controllers.

The announced free spins of the month include Star Wars: Squadrons and the co-op spy game Operation: Tango. However, this is not the least likely announcement as the third game would be a real surprise.

The new Virtua Fighter among free exclusions

The great exclusivity of this leak would therefore be the availability of Virtua Fighter: Ultimate Showdown among the free Play Station Plus games for the month of June. This gratification may seem surprising in that the game has not yet been released, although it was announced for PlayStation 4 a few hours ago.

Until then, previous games were only compatible with Xbox 360 and PS3. The playability of the game on PS4 will therefore be a first.

This track can also be drawn in properly thanks to some other hints. Specifically, the fact that Virtua Figther was recently added to the Asian PSN. Virtua Fighter: Ultimate Shodown will be presented during a Sega live stream on May 27th. However, the title was announced on PS4 on June 1st.

A strategy that may have come from Sega

The timing would therefore be perfect. This is a good idea on the part of the editor as this saga is not one of the best known to the public when compared to other combat game licenses like Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Especially since the license comes from an absence of 10 years, which did not help to bring her out of oblivion.

So this gratuity is certainly amazing, but it could help popularize the title when it was launched. The stated strategy seems logical as, according to Arejugones, this exclusivity is only temporary until word of mouth takes effect. However, this information should be absorbed with a grain of salt as the Spanish location is currently unable to confirm its claims.

We just have to wait until next Wednesday to find out if the information turns out to be true.


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