According to my friend Adèle, this new horror film is a huge hit in just one day


There are certain times when you feel the urge to discover new comedies or, on the contrary, good old (or new) horror films. Given the success that Mon Amie Adèle had on the platform, it’s easy to understand that the Netflix platform regularly seeks to highlight productions related to the world of horror. A brand new production has joined the top 5 trends in a very short time. We are presenting this production to you in this article so that you can determine whether or not it could be part of your weekend program.

The new horror film that hits the mark

The film Dans les Angles Morts was released on April 29, 2021 and was able to position itself in fourth place on the Netflix trends within a single broadcast day. The plot of this thriller is as follows: A young couple, Catherine and George Clare, leave Manhattan to settle with a little girl in the heart of a historic hamlet in the Hudson Valley. Not long after they moved in, dire events began to emerge in their home. Catherine in particular will lead her investigation and learn more about the past of the old farm on which she now lives.

This American horror film is an adaptation of the novel All Things Cease to Appear by writer Elizabeth Brundage. As you have seen, actress Amanda Seyfried stars alongside James Norton (best known for his role in War and Peace or The Daughters of Doctor March) who plays the role of her husband. The director was directed by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman. What is this horror film worth, and more importantly, does it change from what we are used to seeing? We take stock of this issue.

What’s Really Worth in Blind Spots?

First, let’s talk about the aesthetics of the film. The foreground makes us think of a masterpiece, which is hardly surprising when we know the common past of the directors (who jointly produced American Spendor). To answer the question about the “classic” aspect of the film (which can be deduced from its original scenario), we were surprised: The film is not satisfied with being a simple horror film that is seen and reviewed, but shows that Downfall of a long driving couple. In the movie In Blind Spots, love is a threat during the day when night falls. You need to know who to count on and what to really expect in life to hope that you will get through this whole business unscathed.

Finally, we note the good performances of the main actors, which make the whole thing rather convincing. We would have preferred a less demonstrative ending, however, as the film regularly speaks to us in metaphors. Are you planning to go to Dans Les Angles Morts? Does it sound interesting to you? Do not hesitate to answer our survey on this topic as well as in the comments section! And if you want to see more horror movies on Netflix, check out our top 10 horror movies that are underserved and worth watching on the platform.