According to Interstellar, this new science fiction film hits the bull’s eye in just a day of its release


If you’re bored of waiting for the lockdown to end, you may have already seen the latest Netflix trends, like the superhero series Zero, Love and Monsters, or the Snabba Cash series. The UFO came straight from Sweden. A new kid is on the horizon, however, and intends to incorporate the Netflix trending podium sooner than expected. We’re taking stock of the new production that will take you straight into space.

The new hit movie on Netflix

The new film, which is currently a hit, is called Le Passager N ° 4 and is causing a stir on social networks. This is an American-German science fiction film, the summary of which is as follows: A spaceship leaves Earth on a two-year mission to Mars. Only three carefully selected crew members are on board: Commander Marina Barnett and David Kim and Zoe Levenson, two scientists.

During their expedition, however, the scientists discover that there is a stowaway in the ship and have no idea how he got there. After a problem that arose during the mission, the oxygen on board allowed only 3 passengers to survive, so the difficult decision to sacrifice this fourth passenger was finally made. But this decision is frankly not unanimous.

On the casting side there are therefore only four actors: Toni Collette (in the role of Marina Barnette), Daniel Dae Kim (in the role of David Kim), Anna Kendrick (in the role of Zoe Levenson) and Shamier Anderson. Who is the mysterious passenger number 4.

Finally, on the production side, we find Joe Penna, best known for the film Arctic (released in 2018).

What is passenger # 4 really worth?

Passenger # 4 is an interesting locked door on a psychological level as it puts us in a very enviable situation. What would we do to survive? What decision could we make to save our own lives and the lives of those we care most about? The film plays with our nerves and has fun suffocating us when trying to achieve a metaphor. The film is specifically to discover for the moral questions it raises.

We therefore understand the reason for such enthusiasm, as the film managed to integrate the top 4 Netflix trends within a single broadcast day. On the American aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film Le Passager N ° 4 collects 75% positive opinions, for information only. What do you think on your side Are you planning to see the series? We’ll let you take part in our survey as well as in the comments section.