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According to Black Widow, this beloved character could well be entitled to a solo film of his own

While Phase 4 of the MCU is already busy, a character loved by MCU fans could have his own solo film in the near future. The idea is to make better use of the character’s life so that we can learn more about them.

an APPEARING character in Black Widow

Black Widow set a sad record for the MCU. While the feature film achieved a very honorable number of points in its first week of operation, with sales of $ 80 million, it only got 26 points in the second week. Some attribute this historic decline to the parallel release of Disney + Premier Access. Scarlett Johansson has also filed a complaint for this reason. In the film, however, many fans were convinced of a certain character, and the director of Black Widow wants to dedicate a solo film to him in order to better exploit his story.

Red Guardian, played by David Harbor, could well be a solo adventure on the big screen. It was Black Widow director Cate Shortland who revealed that a film about the character played by David Harbor might be a good idea.

I often cried with laughter. And there were so many good things that didn’t end in the movie … I think Red Guardian needs a movie of its own. Because that would be so fun.

David Harbor also starts

The star of Stranger Things is also convinced of the idea. He revealed that there were already enough edited scenes from Black Widow to make the Red Guardian film.

We improvised a lot of scenes. There are plenty of other cutscenes as well, like Rachel and I flirting during the movie. A large part will also be cut off when she gets me out of jail. There’s a lot of stuff that we improvised in this film. And I think it’s thanks to Cate Shortland.

With the possible return for a solo project, be it on the big screen or on Disney +, Harbor is clearly at stake.

People want to know more about this character, I want to give more to people myself. And besides, I’m glad he’s still alive at the end of the film.

Harbor may even tease a Red Guardian face-to-face with his counterpart, Captain America.

I think this classic aspect of the Cold War is an interesting dynamic between these two men. For them to pop up like a bomb in the middle of the arms race would be an excellent concept.

Black Widow is currently still in theaters in France. The film is set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Natasha Romanoff then has to face her old demons.


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