“Accidental Passenger”: Netflix’s new tense (and suffocating) movie in space


“Accidental Passenger”: Netflix’s new tense (and suffocating) movie in space

Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick and Daniel Dae Kim are three of the four protagonists. It is Joe Penna’s second film.

The film opened on April 22nd.

After making his debut with “Arctic,” where he directed Mads Mikkelsen in a story about icy resilience, director Joe Penna returns to a survival thriller, but this time in space. This is Accidental Passenger, which debuted on Netflix this Thursday April 22nd.

The narrative takes place in the near future, when it is already common for astronauts to go to Mars on board a small ship. Three astronauts embark on a two-year mission: Commander Marina Barrett (Toni Collette) heads biologist David (Daniel Dae Kim) and medical researcher Zoe (Anna Kendrick).

The problem is that a few hours after take-off, a wounded body falls into the ship. It is the “casual passenger”. This is engineer Michael (Shamier Anderson) who passed out during launch preparations and was not found by the rest of the team because he was trapped somewhere in the structure.

Not only do you not have enough to eat for four people, but you quickly discover that there is an oxygen problem – and that it will be very difficult for everyone to survive. And they claim that they are already too far from Earth to repent.

The film therefore lies in the moral dilemma of what the four crew members have to do. It is even suggested throughout the film that the way to survive must be to get rid of one of them – with a matching thriller soundtrack and all – but maybe there are other options.

It has been described as having a relatively suffocating and tense history – such as Alfonso CuarĂ³n’s “Gravidade” – with realistic characters and feet firmly on the ground (unless that is the case).

There have been many space-themed films – and dilemmas of this kind – premiered in recent years. This is another title for fans of the genre to discover even though it may not be about the best and greatest productions.