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A49 opponents keep setting up blocks | Free press

The police use a water cannon in the Dannenröder forest. Because opponents of expansion build blocks there – and throw snowballs.

Homberg / Ohm (dpa) – In the Dannenröderbos, opponents of expansion built new barricades and burned pyrotechnics on Saturday. According to the police, some 250 activists blocked the emergency and rescue routes of an adjacent logistics warehouse.

Despite the low temperatures, the officers used water cannons and removed the sometimes meters high obstacles.

Initially there were no arrests. The protesters were only pushed away, a police spokesman said in the afternoon. At the same time, police banned activists from throwing snowballs and threatened to reuse the water cannon. A spokesman justified the warrant with a possible risk of injury to the officers. At first it was unclear whether there were actually injuries.

For more than a year, environmental and climate advocates have held out in the forest near Homberg / Ohm in the Vogelsberg district to oppose the clearing needed for the extension of the controversial Autobahn 49, which is now nearing completion. The A49 should connect Kassel and Gießen more directly.


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