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a worrying start to 2022 for the SVOD platform

Founded in 1997, Netflix has grown significantly in the video-on-demand services sector (which can benefit from new media chronology) in the 2010s to become the undisputed world leader. An overwhelming dominance, but one that is gradually being nuanced to the point that it could well be undermined in the years to come.

An inadequate end to 2021

In 2013, Netflix launched its first series, House of Cards. This was a real success, as was the platform as a whole. While it barely had 14 million subscribers in 2010, it is now preparing to reach 222 million. An impressive number that proves that Netflix is ​​currently crushing the competition, but does not reassure investors.

Late last week, the company actually released its results for the fourth half of 2021, at the end of which it had 221.8 million subscribers. A number that is obviously not satisfactory enough, while she hoped to count another 200,000 by the end of the year. The difference may seem insignificant, especially since those 200,000 subscribers have certainly arrived by now, but still caused a 20% loss in stock market share. This then rose and Netflix would ultimately have lost only 1% action on Wall Street.

2022: On the way to the fall of Netflix?

According to the company, this small delay in the number of subscribers is due to several causes, most notably the perennial Covid-19 pandemic “which continues to weigh on the economy,” as well as other “macroeconomic difficulties in various parts.” the world”. Nothing to worry about, then, which seems to be confirmed by the professionals, who point out that, in addition to the health and economic situation, it is above all the competition that is becoming increasingly fierce thanks to more and more offers. Take for example Disney +, which is a hit thanks to its animated films that arouse the nostalgia of its subscribers and its many Marvel or Star Wars productions. HBO Max is also popular in the United States and could become so too if it is released as planned next year .

If Netflix starts the year poorly and doesn’t surpass 2.5 million new subscribers by the end of March (the lowest since 2010), there’s no doubt the platform can recover. For this, it can count on the continuation of its most popular content, such as the second season of Squid Game or the two already planned sequels to the hit film Red Notice.


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