A unique opportunity for the special Game of Thrones DVD / Blu-Ray box set

Are you looking for a series that will take you back to another era of history, full of actions, fights, plots, strategies and tension? It doesn’t get much better than Game of Thrones, especially if you haven’t seen it yet or have only been able to catch a few episodes. On this topic, you should know that HBO’s full epic series is now available at half price.

Game of Thrones Box: Epic Episodes

The hit series Game of Thrones captured the hearts of millions of viewers when it first aired in 2011. One of the strengths of this series is that the characters perfectly embody their roles. In fact, it is difficult not to notice the talent of the actors when immersed in the series. The breathtaking settings and the battles are breathtaking.

Everything takes place in a world where summer can last several years and winter a lifetime. In this setting, which is both fictional and hyper-realistic, the Game of Thrones is the symbol of absolute power. He is thus at the center of conflicts, conspiracies and wars. Fighting interests, betrayal, revenge and sex are the rendezvous.

The series is primarily characterized by ultra-realistic scenes that have revolutionized the world of dark fantasy. The consequences show the reality of a medieval society in which spirited women and chivalrous men were found.

Game of Thrones offers an explosive cocktail between sex and violence. The box set contains the entire series with 8 seasons and a total of 73 episodes for a total duration of 3,796 minutes. You can see it in English or French.

Don’t wait any longer to buy the Game of Thrones box set, which is currently only € 50 in the DVD version and € 60 in the Blu-Ray version. It usually costs $ 99.99, which is a 50% discount, an opportunity not to be missed.

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3 good reasons to buy this box?

A combination of intrigue and action. Learning series The box set has a broken price: a promotion of -50%

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