A third party offers to easily change the color of your DualSense

Each PlayStation 5 can be unique thanks to the personalization of its interchangeable plate. Although Sony has not yet positioned itself in this market for its next-gen console, the Japanese publisher has allowed several third-party providers to market their products. As with these panels, you can change the color of your DualSense as you wish.

interchangeable plates for DualSense

Earlier this month, a new player was positioned in the removable disk market for PlayStation 5: Game Armor. A product that stands out as much as possible from what Sony is already doing to avoid legal problems. But this seller would also like to land on the side of DualSense, the new controllers of the PS5. As reported by Gameblog, Game Armor offers interchangeable color charts for the DualSense through Comic Controllers, its sister company.

There are already 10 colors available, including prices between € 12.47 and € 14.55. Products found on the brand’s Etsy page here. Installation is child’s play: one stroke of the pen on the lower part of the plate to remove it and the replacement takes place in a few seconds. Plastic parts that only replace the plate of your controls.

Comic Controllers would like to point out anyway: The DualSense is not included in the scope of delivery. Even so, the products seem correct, even if the purely plastic aspect may put some off. The rendering of some colors is more notable than others, although the taste and colors are undeniable. If you want to brighten up your DualSense a little, now you know which direction to turn.

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