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A stylish computer perfect for students

The world of IT is changing rapidly. Power, autonomy, screen resolution and computers are now even available in the hybrid version, a mixture of tablet and laptop. And that’s where Microsoft does well. The manufacturer recently launched its Surface Laptop Go, a laptop primarily intended for students and professionals.

Surface Laptop Go: Elegance with long battery life

The Surface Laptop Go is suitable for office automation in all its forms and is ultralight. It is made of high-quality materials, a 10th generation Intel Core i5, but above all an announced autonomy of up to 13 hours. A fee for a day, a promise enough to make owners of old bikes salivate. Equipped with a 12.4-inch PixelSense HD touchscreen with 148 DPI (1536 x 1024p), the Surface Laptop Go benefits from a fingerprint reader that enables fast and secure unlocking, as well as a full and ergonomic keyboard and omnisonic sound that supported by Dolby Audio technology.

This laptop has up to 8GB of RAM, a decent amount of power to help you with all of your daily office tasks. With integrated USB-C and USB-A ports, a 720p front camera that automatically adapts to the lighting conditions, the Surface Laptop Go is the perfect everyday ally. Unlike other laptops, the latter has a touchscreen. A special feature that offers a further overview of the way you work. Scrolling the Internet can now be done with one finger, as can moving files or working on a dedicated application.

The Surface Laptop Go weighs just 1110 grams. A small kilo, which then offers easy transport that does not burden arms or shoulders. In addition to its lightness, this computer, which focuses on office automation and reads multimedia content, is thin, its dimensions are not (278.18 x 205.67 x 15.69 mm). Made of aluminum, the Surface Laptop Go has a flawless finish. High quality fine-tuning at a low price, enough to put the first mind at ease. Three colors are available: ice blue, sand and platinum. You are free to choose your favorite color given the many hours you will spend in front of this screen.

Compact and apart from its attractive professional appearance, this laptop is particularly effective for viewing streaming content quickly and conveniently from anywhere. Very responsive, it allows easy and pleasant noting, the perfect assistant for students. The main strength of the ergonomic keyboard lies in the comfort of typing. Even after several hours of energetic note taking, your fingers won’t hurt – far from it. Issued at an attractive price, it is intended for all lovers of high quality products at attractive prices.

You can find more information about Surface Laptop Go here.

Surface pro x sq2: A 2-in-1 computer that gains in performance

In addition to the Surface Laptop Go, Microsoft has just added the Surface Pro X SQ2 to its catalog, an improved version of the 2-in-1 of the same name. Behind its somewhat complicated name, the Surface Pro X SQ2 conceals a summary of simplicity, which is supported by a second-generation Microsoft SQ2 chip with ARM architecture. Barbarian terms that simply mean the manufacturer has upgraded its 2-in-1 PC lineup and made the passageway more powerful. With its ultra-thin bezels, a diagonal of 13 inches and a thickness of 7.3 mm (only 774 g), the Surface Pro X SQ2 is a premium product.

With 16 GB of RAM, this tablet-like computer is available in two models: 256 or 512 GB of storage. It’s thin and stylish, it also has HD webcams, studio microphones (made by Dolby Audio technology) and offers ultra-fast and reliable 4G connection. A PC with a multi-position stand that lets you tilt it at will, but also a pen, the Surface Slim Pen, which can be wirelessly charged and easily stored on the keyboard with lighted buttons and a large glass touchpad .

The powerful Surface Pro X SQ2 can be found here.


The Surface product line from Microsoft is suitable for companies and individuals and offers high-performance products with high mobility. The products from this range focus on office automation and multimedia and emphasize the design. Clean, tidy, with a remarkable finish, they also benefit from good autonomy and improved connectivity when resolution, performance and storage are not left behind. So the result is the shape of a laptop, whether hybrid or not, with great autonomy, a quality screen, consistent SSD storage and enough power for all tasks of daily office automation can be carried out easily and smoothly in a computer with flawless connectivity.

A range regularly improved by the manufacturer, which over the months and years improves products to improve quality. But the Surface range has already taken its course and now has a large number of references. Interesting products for all types of profiles, especially students and professionals.


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