A Step-by-Step Guide To Get Liurnia Divine Tower in the Elden Ring

A lot of people know where the “Divine Tower” of Liurnia in Elden Ring is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get to. You have to do at least part of Ranni’s quest before you can get into the room.

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The only reason to come here is to get a key item for another NPC’s quest. Limgrave’s Divine Tower has a lot more to offer. Great Runes are given out by Liurnia’s main boss, Rennala, but they don’t need to be activated because they can be used to reskill your character at the Raya Lucaria Academy in the game. If you still want to see it, or if you need the key item for Fia’s quest, here’s how to get there.

Where to get it?

Carian Study Hall is the building in east Liurnia that links up with the Divine Tower. Getting to the Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace quickly is the best way to get there. Then follow the path east, then south. Once you get to the Carian Study Hall, you can rest at the Ground Floor Site of Grace.

The altar, which is just ahead, gives you the chance to look at it. This is where you need to use the Carian Inverted Statue. If you don’t have the Fingerslayer Blade yet, you should keep going on Ranni’s quest until you can bring her the weapon and finish it.

As it sounds, turning the Carian Study Hall upside down does just what it says it will. The whole place will be turned upside down. From the altar where you put the inverted statue, head to the area that used to have a lift and look for the old one. There’s a ledge below, so slide down into the shaft. Then, take the first door that is upside down.

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Make your way to the huge inverted arch on the other side of the main hall. You’ll need to drop down to a narrow ledge once you get there. When you cross over the arch’s apex, head right and use a small ledge to get to the corner with more “floor space.”

You should turn left when you reach the wall. Then, make your way around the circular-like structure in a clockwise direction. You should soon see a wall in front of you with windows that are just below your level and beams that cross even lower. Drop down to a platform in front of the window.

Stop for a moment and look over the edge. You’ll see the lift below. Take one of the higher beams, then line up and drop down to the next set of rungs. Here, it’s safe to go down to the lift. In order to get down the lift, you need to step on the middle pressure plate. Once you’re down, look for a gap in the lift’s barrier and head for the door right behind it. Open it up, then activate the Liurnia Bridge Tower Site of Grace and take a nap, because you need to recharge.

If you want to, you can mount Torrent here, and it’s probably best to do so because you’re about to meet a Godskin Noble miniboss, so you should. As long as you have a little bit of luck, you can take him out from horseback.

Afterward, open the doors at the end of the bridge and take a lift up. Here, you can activate another Site of Grace. Then, go up the steps to get the Stargazer Heirloom talisman and the Cursemark of Death item from a dead body at the top. Then, you can go back down. The next item is what Fia needs to complete her quest.

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