A Step-By-Step Guide To Get Bloody Helice in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a lot of weapons for you to choose from. Weapons with unique abilities can be tried out by players and they can then choose the ones that work best with their character build and play style. Bloody Helice Elden Ring is a sword that can be found in after you defeat Sanguine Noble. It is a sword that can be used to thrust. It is mostly based on the Arcane and Dexterity stats.

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You can use this thrusting sword to do piercing damage and maybe even some blood loss if you hit the right spot with your strikes. Players of the Elden Ring who want to get this powerful sword will have to go to the Altus Plateau area. This is where the Writheblood Ruins can be found, which is where the Bloody Helice Elden Ring can be found, so look there.

How to Get Bloody Helice Elden Ring?

In the Lands Between, it is a powerful weapon that can fight off the danger. This weapon can be used by players, but they must fight a lot before they can do so. People who want to get their hands on the Bloody Helice Elden Ring can do so by following these steps:

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  • There are two ways to get to Altus Plateau: by taking the Grand Lift of Dectus or by going down the Ruin-Strawn Precipice.
  • People who have activated the Site of Grace near the Writheblood Ruins can also use it to quickly get to a place of grace nearby.
  • To get to the Grand Lift of Dectus, go through the ravine to the north of the lift.
  • Players will have to go through the Old Altus Tunnel and the same-named Site of Grace, both of which are in the game.
  • People who keep going to the north will reach the Bridge of Iniquity and the site of Grace.
  • Then, if it hasn’t already been, turn it on. Then, go on a road that goes to the east.
  • Approach the Writheblood Ruins and be ready for a hard dungeon.
  • It is full of enemies that cause blood loss buildup, just like the weapon hidden inside it.
  • To get to the set of ruined buildings to the east, go there and look for the stairs.
  • Defeat any enemies you come across and head down the stairs through the mist to get to the boss area.
  • It will start with a fight with the Sanguine Noble. The boss will finish the blood loss buildup on the player in just a few hits.
  • Rangers should have no trouble taking down this Elden Ring boss.
  • It’s important for people who use melee weapons to be quick and patient because the Noble can block just about any attack. After you dodge one of its attacks, try to hit it from behind.
  • You can get into the room at the other end of this arena after you get past the Sanguine Noble.
  • Open the chest and get the Bloody Helice from it.
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Taking down the Sanguine Noble can be hard for people who aren’t very quick. But taking down the Noble to get this powerful weapon is more than worth it. Players with a bleed build will be very happy when they find the Bloody Helice.

Also, the Dynast’s Finesse skill is a part of it. This means that blood loss builds up. They can then avoid getting hit and then move quickly with a strong lunge and wide slice to add more damage and blood loss to the fight.


That’s all about the step-by-step guide to finding the Bloody Helice Elden Ring. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and found it worth your time. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!!