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A special feature of the console leads to delivery delays

Europe was finally served yesterday for Sony’s newest console. All buyers waited for their console to arrive at their home on the day it was launched. But for some, not everything seems to have gone as planned …

A problematic console for delivery

Containment requires, many fans around the world have struggled hard with Sony’s low inventory in hopes of getting a PS5 soon. Now each of them is just waiting for one thing (if they haven’t already) to receive their precious sesame. Unfortunately, some have to wait a little longer than others …

Indeed, British buyers had an odd surprise despite patiently waiting for their PS5 to arrive. Through an email from Game, the reseller informed them of a delay in delivery, particularly due to concerns about the new Sony console. As a reminder, Game is the UK’s largest video game reseller. As an excuse for the delay in deliveries from those who then managed to order the console on site, the company says the PS5’s imposing size hindered it in transit. In The Verge, Game then describes his words.

Due to the volume that the PlayStation 5 represents in the UK market, as well as the size of the product, the introduction of the console has resulted in delivery problems for all resellers and suppliers across the UK. Our goal has always been to ensure that as many orders as possible arrive on time for the console release day. Therefore, we had to ensure the services of several airlines to achieve our goal.

Find mistakes in this story

In the remainder of the statements, Game then decides to clear the customs and refers to one of its partner companies. Accordingly, the company Yodel would have informed the reseller only yesterday that due to the size of the packages and the limitation of their capacity, it would not be able to carry out all the deliveries planned for the start.

The carrier, he, releases all responsibilities. He regrets the attacks on him by Game, who uses him as an excuse for his logistical problems. He even assures his side that the reseller was always informed of the “order volume” that he could deliver.


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