A special edition of Monopoly with the “Sopranos” is coming.


A special edition of Monopoly with the “Sopranos” is coming

Among the properties to buy is Bada Bing !, the strip club that Tony Soprano used as his office.

This is a Monopoly edition where anything is possible. The iconic game will have a special edition dedicated to the Sopranos series and every aspect of the game, from the features to the tokens each player uses, is inspired by the story of Tony Soprano.

Forget Rua Augusta or Rossio. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the most valuable properties here are Bada Bing! (which served as Tony Soprano’s office), Satriales Butcher, Tony’s house, or the golf course where many of the crimes in the HBO series were commemorated.

In this issue – for over 17 years – the community cards in honor of Paulie Walnuts are renamed “OHH!” And you can use Tony’s boat, Bobby Bacala’s toy train or the chair of Dr. Play Melfi, Tony Soprano’s psychologist.

There is no official release date for the game yet.