a shock commercial in which Satan hits 2020


Everyone has known Ryan Reynolds since he played Deadpool in the movie. The actor is very popular and has fun on social networks for the pleasure of his fans. Today he advertises a spot produced by his company Maximum Effort for the dating application Match. The ad in question shows the devil himself falling in love with the app amid a pandemic.

When Satan plays in 2020 there will be a hell of a good advert

It must be said that 2020 was hellish! And everyone strives to be able to turn the page and find some semblance of normal life.

The advertising for the Match application takes place in this context and begins in hell with the devil who receives a notification on his smartphone: A woman has found him. The two meet and it’s crazy love! And for good reason: The young woman is called 2020. The two lovebirds spin perfect love and as a couple share activities such as stealing toilet paper, eating peppers in a completely empty stadium due to hygiene regulations and sports. Running on mats in a gym while respecting the distances between them or forcing Satan to enter a church. And all on a song by Taylor Swift, the actor’s ex-companion.

We find the spirit of Reynolds in this commercial and at the very end of the video we can hear Satan and 2020 regret leaving this year behind when most people want to move on through 2021. Nice advertisement for the Meet App, which, despite the year we’ve just passed, “got millions of people together anyway,” as Ryan Reynolds explained.

We invite you to discover this ad for Match below that Deadpool’s interpreter shared on his Twitter account along with the comment “A meeting in Hell is always a meeting”.

A match in hell is still an @match. Latest work from @MaximumEffort # 2020LoveStory pic.twitter.com/kGL02PIqin

December 2, 2020