A sequel to this legendary game is in preparation

For several years now, rumors have been pointing to a change in Star Wars video game customization. This universe has been at the heart of the electronic arts for some time and can now be used by other major studios like Ubisoft. One of the pillars of the video game could uncover a sequel, a rumor that has been amplified in recent days.

a continuation of Kotor?

It’s been a few years since a sequel to Star Wars: Knight of The Old Republic, better known as KOTOR, was discussed. Despite ongoing rumors, no official announcement has yet been made. But recently, many insiders are repeating the development of a sequel. Bespin Bulletin states in its latest podcast that a sequel would be in the boxes of a still-unknown studio. So Bespin Bulletin, supported by Jason Schreier, reporter at Bloomberg, and Shinobi602, famous insider on Twitter, might be right.

However, the studio responsible for developing this sequel is still unknown. However, it appears that Electronic Arts is not affiliated with this project. Early rumors suggested BioWare was responsible for the baby, but the studio’s recent setbacks (Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem) seem to contradict that suggestion. In addition, Schreier explains that “no one could guess the identity of this studio”. A puzzle augmented by Shinobi602 that replies that the studio “isn’t as mysterious as you think” and that “this name is not a household name that most people know”.

Neither of them contradicts the Bespin Bulletin and confirms the idea that a sequel to KOTOR is in the works. However, it is difficult to know what this sequel will look like. An expected role-playing game that should therefore resume the path of the expanded universe. Heading for a release in the coming years? Possible. In any case, the project should already be formalized by the responsible mystery studio.

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