a return of the heroes and a possible Power Rangers Cinematic Universe


Following the critical and public failure of the 2017 film Power Rangers, director and screenwriter Jonathan Entwistle was asked to restart the franchise with many projects in the pipeline.

A cinematic universe of the Power Rangers?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Entwistle, creator of the Netflix series The End of the F *** ing World, and I disagree, has been hired to bring the upcoming Power Rangers adjustments to screen. Nick Meyer and Michael Lombardo, each chairman of the cinema and television sectors of eOne, a subsidiary of the Hasbro group, said in a statement:

Jonathan has an original creative vision for this legendary franchise and is arguably the perfect architect to rethink the television and film worlds of this franchise.

A statement that suggests the development of a connected universe like a Marvel Cinematic Universe. More than welcome news for Jonathan Entwistle, who “looks forward to bringing new Power Rangers to future generations”.

Note that the franchise isn’t your first attempt at adapting movies. Highlighted by the series launched in 1993, the colorful superheroes have seen their characters roam the silver screen three times: 1995, 1997, and 2017. This major project will therefore be interested in burying the bitter failure of the latest adaptation that hits the global box office only Raised $ 142 million.