A real serious dysfunction occurs

Consumers are used to it now. Introducing a new console can be dangerous because of the many technical problems that can arise. The Xbox Series X released three days ago is no exception to this rule. After the forgery of the smoking console, the new model from Microsoft continues to be talked about.

a dysfunction in some players

The Xbox Series X was re-released on November 10th and is facing some problems again. If internet users had fun making fun of Microsoft console by smoking the device with electronic cigarettes, this time users have encountered a real technical flaw. Videos are broadcast on Twitter and YouTube to illustrate a malfunction of the UHD Blu-ray player. In fact, some products do not accept discs in the player.

My new @Xbox has now turned into a mechanical machine gun or metronome. Great start into the next generation! I’ve never had any problems with Xbox. @XboxSupport pic.twitter.com/N85LjyHn0b

November 10, 2020

Hey @XboxSupport!

I think my #XboxSeriesX may have a bad drive. I tried inserting a few different compatible games (both Xbox One and 360) and the drive won’t insert me. There’s nothing in there (as far as I know). I just set it up.

Any help is appreciated! ud83d ude0a pic.twitter.com/2r1mQkYSLY

November 10, 2020

Once the disc is inserted, the console will also “hum” loudly. However, some consumers claim that lengthening the console would be enough to reduce the noise. Regarding the CD insertion problem, Internet users acknowledge that “lightly forcing” would be the solution to re-entering it. While many users have turned to Microsoft for help, the manufacturer has still not commented on the problem. There is no doubt that if these concerns persist for a good number of buyers, a return should be made from the manufacturer in the coming days.

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