A prequel for “Grease” is coming up (and it’s going to be a series)


A prequel for “Grease” is coming (and it will be a series)

“Rise of the Pink Ladies” takes place four years before the original story. And it’s not the only prequel on the way.

Series focuses on pink ladies.

It was 1978 when John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John introduced themselves to the world with their dance moves and their summer love in “Grease”. The film became a classic on a world scale and even today classics like “Summer Nights” are worth choreographing at parties and weddings.

Now a new project is on the way that will make history even before Danny and Sandy have met, between teen rock’n’roll and hair polish. By the way, the idea is not new. Not unique. Fans can expect a new movie and even a new series, both of which will hurry ahead of the events of the original film.

In 2019 talks began about the possibility of a prequel to “Grease”. This project will be continued under the name “Summer Loving”. The script was written by John August (writer of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) and Brett Haley as director. The story revolves around the time Danny and Sandy met that summer before they met again at Rydell High High.

The new series that is coming is set in high school and is set four years before “Grease”. It focuses on the group of girls that stood out at school, the Pink Ladies, originally played by Stockard Channing, Didi Conn, Dinah Manoff, and Jamie Donnelly.

The series was a project originally titled Grease: Rydell High and was supposed to be part of the HBO catalog, but plans have changed. Now, says “The Hollywood Reporter”, Paramount + has taken over the project and turned it upside down.

The new series will be called “Rise of the Pink Ladies” and have the right to at least one season with a total of 10 episodes. While the new series has not yet arrived, take the opportunity to discover the series that have already been released or those due to be released by the end of July.