A parking lot and more than 30 artists, this is the P’la Arte market


P’la Arte: The new market in Lisbon that brings together 30 artists in one parking lot

The new space in the capital will bring together works exhibited and for sale every month.

A new art market opened last Saturday, May 8th. The P’la Arte market is located in the Prata Riverside Village in Braço de Prata and takes place every first Saturday of the month between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The concept of this new market is very simple: exhibition and sale of works by visual artists. This will be done in a parking lot that is still under construction, and the benches will be made of scaffolding similar to the scaffolding, which not only makes the work of exposing the parts easier, but also gives the equipment some space. Everyone is trying to reinvent the conventional art fair model and surprise the public.

The experience will reach more than 30 artists and allow them to bring their work to the public in creative ways, both through exhibition and sale. Everyone will have their own space in which to carry out the commercialization, but also to present performances and interact with the public or other artists.

In parallel, there will be an area with independent publishers where books by artists can be sold. The cultural part is also planned and should take place with a specific program in which, for example, talks about art take place. Various expressions are shown here by painters, sculptors, illustrators, designers, ceramists, designers, photographers, an art-loving audience and curious visitors.

Organized by P’la Arte and Vic Properties, this P’la Arte market also guarantees that all safety and hygiene standards are respected.

NiT was present at this presentation of the market and shows you all the details. Click on the gallery to discover it.