a new video casts doubt on its existence


Cryptozoology is the fascinating science of searching for what does not or no longer exists. Put simply, cryptozoologists are looking for extinct or previously unknown animals. In other words, as soon as they find evidence that what they observed existed or existed, they pass it on to other branches of science. Well this new Bigfoot video is sure to give you a hard time because it’s so interesting on multiple levels.

Bigfoot: a tangible video?

American experts are currently in great confusion. Because in Michigan, some people had the right to film a strange event with their cell phones. Of course, all of this should be treated with caution, as it is the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s Youtube channel that posted this video itself. In it, she explains each of its components in an attempt to be as “scientific” as possible.

Obviously, experts disagree on whether or not these images are believable as the number of cryptic hoaxes is numerous. But since the second lockdown there has been a huge craze for bigfoot hunting in the US. There was even a message last year in which a man dressed up as a Sasquatch in an attempt to increase the price of his house. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges and interest has started to rise again. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the video and explanations (in English) from the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. Here we can clearly distinguish two different movements, two forms. The RMSO thinks it is a bigfoot carrying its young.

Multiple hypotheses

Several “experts” argue about the truth behind this video. For a better understanding, we can divide this into categories. On the one hand, those who believe that the video is a fake, that it is about digital images. As evidence, the sound emitted by the creature that we faintly hear resembles that of a camel or a large mammal. And why does it only take a few seconds? To others, the video is real, but the subject visible on the screen isn’t Bigfoot. It could be a person in camouflage uniform, in a Bigfoot costume, or even a passing animal like a deer.

The animal thesis is certainly the strangest, because there are no great apes in this region, and it’s hard to imagine a bear swimming with its calf, or even a duo of orangutans from a local zoo escaped. It’s very worrying for Kyle Shaw, an investigator at RMSO. He doesn’t know what it is either:

I’m not saying it’s Bigfoot and I’m not saying it’s anything else. This is obviously taken with a cell phone with a resolution of 880 × 656 or 30 frames per second. It’s not the best strip. That’s all we have to do so that you can judge what you are thinking. Again I don’t know what it is. Much of what’s going on there tells me that it’s something that moves through the river, creates a wake, and appears to be carrying a baby. The baby’s head lies behind the mother or father. It should be on your left shoulder and a little on your back, but you can see the baby’s torso, leg, and foot. Just unbelievable.

In any case, in the comments of the video and on the official site, opinions are divided:

Where on the Cass River? I know it flows into the Shiawassee National Refuge, which extends over 9,000 acres, some places are within walking distance of a human but never go below your knees.

Looks like he might be carrying 2 kittens .. it looks like an arm that also goes around the thigh .. as well as one on the side and shoulder

I don’t think it’s a deer. I see a distinct upper part of the thigh that comes to a kneecap, to a lower part of the leg that bends over Mommy’s stomach. That lower part of the leg is MUCH too big to be a deer. I don’t think it was anyone in the suit either. Check out the side of mom that is closest to the camera. Look at the waist / buttocks / hips leading to the lower back. Huge and meaty. Now look at the definition of his arm. A massive muscular biceps, a very pointed elbow and a forearm that would make you shiver while arm wrestling!