A new reality show about weddings is coming to Netflix


A new reality show about weddings is coming to Netflix

“The Wedding Coach” will debut on the streaming platform on April 7th. The moderator is comedian Jamie Lee.

After the debut of “Marriage or Mortgage” at the beginning of March, Netflix is ​​now relying on a new reality show that focuses on the world of weddings. It’s called “The Wedding Coach” and it’s arriving on the streaming platform this Wednesday April 7th.

Unlike other programs of this type, which often focus on the darker side of weddings, this format is quite simple and has minor problems. It is performed by comedian and ex-fiance (now married woman) Jamie Lee.

It is she who embodies the character in the program title. She is the “wedding trainer” who will accompany the bride and groom in the days leading up to the ceremony. It is the time when they are most nervous and concerned about the prep and everything that can go wrong.

In the midst of so much stress and fear, Jamie Lee wants to calm the newlyweds and give them an optimistic, refreshing and comprehensive look at this special day. Your goal is to help the bride and groom overcome all of these problems.

The comedian not only accompanies them on the days before the wedding, but also takes part in the ceremony itself. Each episode has a different couple, and Jamie Lee partners with a specific comedian for each wedding. There are six chapters in total.

All grooms are very fond of each other, and there are no problems in relationships. The difficulties here have to do with the preparation. For example, a bride promised the two bridesmaids the opportunity to give a speech – something that may not go well. And one groom was obsessed with the party games that guests can have fun with.

They are small problems that are compounded by the stress of the moment. And Jamie Lee wants to play with them while solving the doubts of the bride and groom (which are also often pressured by families).

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