A new panda channel is coming


This is for the youngest: a new panda channel is coming

Panda Kids comes to Portuguese television on June 1st.

Panda Kids arrives June 1st

The Panda Channel has always been a reference channel for the youngest in Portugal. After the founding of Panda Biggs in 2009, it is time for a new project, Panda Kids, which will be launched exactly on Children’s Day, June 1st.

The channel will be launched by Dreamia and will be available on NOS, MEO, Vodafone, NOWO and the Angolan service ZAP. According to the company, Panda Kids will air for seven months and its content is aimed at children ages six to nine.

“Pokémon”, “Beyblade” and “Capitão Cuecas” are some of the broadcaster’s bets. Similar to the Panda channel a few years ago, Panda Kids is not broadcast for 24 hours, but from eight in the morning to midnight.