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a new online radio dedicated to poetry has arrived in Oeiras

Poesia.fm: A new online radio dedicated to poetry has arrived in Oeiras

The broadcast will not be continuous, but will consist of several podcasts that you can listen to wherever and whenever you want.

Airing began on February 13.

The municipality of Oeiras is a reference in our country and a leader in areas such as science and technology. Over the years it has created its own identity and the word “innovation” has become a motto for many initiatives created in this piece of land integrated into the Lisbon metropolitan area. The result was a candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027, which was delivered on November 23, 2021.

Since that moment, the community has not stopped growing and the latest novelty is an online radio station dedicated exclusively to poetry written in Portuguese. Poesia.fm, created in collaboration with the Municipality of Oeiras, was available on February 13, World Radio Day.

In this project you will not find the typical radio that you are used to. There will be no permanent broadcast, but a series of podcasts that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Every day there are poetic readings, guest talks, documentaries, music, performance, fiction and other types of creations related to the theme. Each listener has the opportunity to choose what they prefer to hear – or who – based on their personal taste.

“Poesia.fm is a radio station characterized by great care with the word and the sound, trying not only to welcome and project Portuguese-language poetry into the world, but to inject a little poetry into itself and into each program . We don’t just want to target people who are just surfing the internet, we will try – that’s our plan – to intrude, intrude some radio waves from partner radios, national and foreign locations. We would like to create a network of partnerships with radio stations around the world, especially in the Portuguese speaking area. These partnerships then extend to bookshops or publishers, to translators, to institutions that promote language and literature,” revealed Oriana Alves, who is responsible for the project, in an interview with the newspaper “Gerador”.

The truth is that bringing culture closer to radio was an old wish of Oriana. Now that he has finally managed to make his dream come true, he will explore what is still to be discovered in the world of poetry.

The poet Eucanaã Ferraz was a guest on the first day of the broadcast. The Brazilian is known in São Paulo for his publications, exhibitions, debates, courses and shows on the subject. He was the first to introduce the ‘Strange Poem’, the section in which a different poet recites his poems each week, one of which is unveiled each day. A documentary film by Pejk Malinovski, awarded the Prix Europa 2012, will also be broadcast.

Other well-known names such as Fernando Alves, Ana Paula Tavares and Pedro Lima will visit this online radio, restoring dialogues around verses or reading old poems. In the coming months, pieces by Sofia Saldanha, Luís Caetano, Rita Colaço, Rita Costa, Sandy Gageiro, Laura Romero, Tiago Schwäbl, Oriana Alves and André Cunha will be heard.

The aim is for the content to also be available to teachers and educators from Portuguese-speaking countries, giving space to expand this “new way of listening to the world”.


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