A new feature to avoid hours when choosing a program

The joys of Netflix and the long minutes of searching the catalog for the movie or series you want to watch … Mad for spending so much time before enjoying your programming? Rest assured, the streaming giant has the solution, with a feature that will save you time.

Save time searching for content

In fact, Netflix knows that its customers spend a lot of time researching content, watching it, and responding to this problem many of us have already experienced. The platform announced on January 18 that it had tested a feature in order to give it. “the ability for subscribers to watch a title selected for them immediately”

The feedback from these tests has been positive and the American giant is preparing to deploy this feature globally later this year.

The goal of Netflix is ​​to make it easier for subscribers to waste time finding content to watch. The platform can rely on its algorithm for this, but the latter is not always relevant. For this reason, the service announces the improvement of the search process for films and series. Recently we can add different categories to the homepage, e.g. B. the selection of the 10 most viewed items in his country of origin and in the world or the next publications to be able to plan them in his list of read at the time of publication.

However, the feature of finding the program that you can watch faster leads to a shuffle button that integrates the Netflix algorithm and offers you content that you are likely to like. On Twitter, some users may have noticed that this upcoming option is called “Play Something” for “Start Something” …

See the original tweet

“Lol Netflix now has a ‘shuffle’ button. I needed it without knowing it.”

In 2017, we also learned that Netflix was considering launching an option that would allow subscribers to choose the end of a program to provide more interactivity between the public and the platform’s content. However, it looks like the SVOD giant has given up on the idea.

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