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Over 17 years old, the Monster Hunter license has forged a community of loyal hunters over time. The Opuses have followed one another, from pre-landing home consoles to portable consoles. And after a Monster Hunter world that allowed the franchise to be known and particularly valued by the public, Capcom is offering its first real opus on Nintendo Switch: Monster Hunter Rise. We had the opportunity to test it lengthways, across and across and share our impressions with you.

After a strong impression at E3 2017, Monster Hunter World 2018 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The general public then discovers the Capcom franchise and its emblematic monsters. Almost 17 million copies later, the game is a success. The next plant is therefore expected at the turn. And despite a Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate ported to Nintendo’s hybrid console in August 2018, owners of the successful console can finally discover the first game in the saga that was primarily developed for Switch: Monster Hunter Rise.

Touch of mobility

At first glance, Monster Hunter Rise presents itself as a mixture of traditional Monster Hunter works and the successful Monster Hunter world. And that’s a good thing, that’s exactly what Capcom’s next baby embodies. Leave the battle introduced in Iceborne, the expansion of Monster Hunter World, and make way for Filoptères. These flaws, apparently endemic to the village of Kuruma, bring maneuverability and speed to the relatively slow gameplay of traditional games. Thus, the movements are more explosive and are also carried out on several axes. The verticality is emphasized all the more and it is pleasant to rediscover the 14 available weapon types with new combinations.

The filoptères not only make it possible to emphasize the movement of your hunter, but also make it possible to recover quickly during a fall thanks to a “filochute” and to benefit from the “silk ties” specific to these new attacks each armed. It is possible to embark up to 3 Filopters at the same time, two permanently, a third, temporary, can be restored during your quests. These silk ties start quickly under the pressure of two buttons (ZL + X / A for swordsmen, R + X / A for artillerymen) and consume your filoptères. So you have to wait a while before you can benefit from it again.

Skills that multiply the possible and unimaginable strategies in this work, since depending on the openings created by the monster you will have to use the right skill, offensive or defensive. The Filoptères are also supported by the “Talents of Sub”. There are three available per weapon type, which you can use to access new skills. The latter are supposed to be awesome and rigorously modify the gameplay while adding a welcome dynamic. New skills with which you can also freely explore the regions of this Monster Hunter Rise.

With Filoptères you can also use a new type of combat: overlapping monsters. As the name suggests, you can ride large monsters to use their powers against other large monsters. Enough to quickly inflict huge damage while collecting various materials. And when no other big monster is around, you can throw your mount against a load of filopters against a wall. You will understand that the Filoptères are an integral part of Monster Hunter Rise gameplay.

“Show us what rush means”

The usual biomes are back, with some surprises on the menu. The areas can be explored freely, on Chumsky’s back or not. One of the great novelties of this opus is the presence of the Chumsky, a dog mushroom that the hunter can climb to get faster. Equipped with some abilities, it can also act as a support by attracting a monster’s attention. However, its main function is to act as a bracket. On your back or not, you can collect resources in one fell swoop (fossils, minerals, honey), but also Spectroiseaux, the local fauna that improves your stats (life, endurance, attack, defense).

Each quest allows you to spend a few minutes exploring the different areas to improve your stats before rubbing your shoulders with your loot of the day or heading straight to the destination. In areas where secrets of all kinds are hidden, it is up to you to discover them yourself or with others. Monster Hunter Rise benefits from slightly more colorful graphics than usual and offers a pleasant result on Nintendo Switch. During the thirty hours we explored this world, no problems with textures, defects of any kind, or glitches were found.

The best from both worlds

A beautiful work that combines both the slower gameplay of the previous sections and the dynamics of the world. The novelties are plentiful, whether they’re alongside the gameplay or the bestiary. The ten big new monsters are well thought out and offer new ways to fight hunters. They offer challenges that are sometimes difficult but always enjoyable. Monster Hunter Rise also brings together popular monsters from the franchise such as Zinogre, Nargacuga or Rajang with some surprises.

In addition, Capcom will offer a post-launch content system similar to World’s with regular updates that bring new content to the game. Enough to allow players to explore the extensive content, improve their weapons to the maximum, and combine different armor sets to overcome any situation. At the moment, the endgame part of the game is supposed to be similar to that of the traditional opus, i.e. repetitive. It is possible that Capcom will promote all of this through a possible expansion, as it did with World. But until then you still have many hours to explore the meander of the biomes around the village of Kamura, but also to face the disasters.

In a maze-like arena of tower defense, the hunter must fend off hordes of monsters within a certain period of time. The main goal: that the last door is not destroyed. All means are good to get there. Siege weapons, traps, the trusted Dragonator and the new Wyverian Fracas are at your disposal. For the occasion, tougher tasks have been upgraded that allow you to collect a variety of materials with each attempt. But be careful, whoever says new search necessarily means a surprise.

In addition, the village itself was redesigned. Fast travel between the different sights, sessions with 4 hunters, bivouac available, better done multiplayer quests, detailed training area, Monster Hunter Rise proves that developers are listening to the players. And in 2021, it’s a rare commodity from a major publisher. A game by enthusiasts for enthusiasts that aims to delight and seduce the general public. The players from the very beginning will obviously find their account there, if the newcomers will have just as much fun with the new features as with the more dynamic gameplay.


Monster Hunter Rise brilliantly embodies the successful development of the license. The open areas of the world and the faster gameplay combine the advantages of portable consoles with the advantages of an offline version. New monsters, revitalized and refined gameplay, well-designed verticality, Monster Hunter Rise brings enough novelties to keep fans of the saga from getting bored, but also not enough to lose the newbies. A full content title that will also be released over the next several months with future updates. The first will be out at the end of April. The power of the Nintendo Switch is well used and offers a pleasant experience that is intended for all profiles. Monster Hunter Rise to be tried and then adopted, a game epic battles lovers will likely love.

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