A Million Little Things Season 5: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and Number of Episodes!!

ABC is all set to make A Million Little Things Season 5, according to Variety. The drama series made its first appearance on ABC in 2018. The story is about a group of friends who get back together after one of them dies out of the blue. The last episode of Season 4 will air on May 18.

David Giuntoli played Eddie Saville, Romany Malco played Rome Howard, Allison Miller played Maggie Bloom, Christina Moses played Regina Howard, Grace Park played Katherine Saville, James Roday Rodriguez played Gary Mendez, Stephanie Szostak played Delilah Dixon, Floriana Lima played Darcy Cooper, Tristan Byon played Theo Saville, Lizzy Greene played Sophie Dixon, and Chance Hurstfield played Danny Dixon.

Maggie and Gary’s relationship is tested again in the last episode of the season. Rome gives up something for a student who is in trouble. Theo asks a strange person for help when his mom is having a hard time, and Eddie finds out a shocking secret about Anna.

DJ Nash made the show and is in charge of it. Also on the executive team are Terrence Coli, Aaron Kaplan, and Dana Honor. Co-executive producer is a job that Joanna Kerns has. ABC Signature and Kapital Entertainment are in charge of making it.

ABC has already renewed a number of other shows, both ones with scripts and ones without. The network has also renewed for new seasons the comedies “The Conners,” “The Wonder Years,” and “Home Economics,” as well as the drama “Big Sky.” Find more about A Million Little Things Season 5 here.


Who will appear in A Million Little Things Season 5?

A Million Little Things' To Have Biggest Episode Order Ever In Season 4 – Deadline

David Giuntoli (who plays Eddie Saville), Romany Malco (who plays Rome Howard), Allison Miller (who plays Maggie Bloom), Christina Moses (who plays Regina Howard), Grace Park (who plays Katherine Saville), James Roday Rodriguez (who plays Gary Mendez), Tristan Byon (who plays Theo Saville), Lizzy Greene (who plays Sophie Dixon), and Chance Hurstfield make up the main cast of “A Million Little Things” (Danny Dixon).

Even though ABC hasn’t said who will be in Season 5, all of these actors are likely to be back. Stephanie Szostak hasn’t been seen as Delilah Dixon since the end of Season 3, so it’s not clear if or when she’ll be back. Nash told TVLine in September 2021 that COVID travel restrictions were the original reason Delilah wasn’t on the show, but that Szostak would still be a recurring guest star in Season 4. (The actor’s family lives in Connecticut, but the movies are shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.)

“[Szostak] has lived away from her boys and her husband for the first two seasons,” Nash told TVLine in September 2021, explaining that at the time, international travellers to Canada had to stay in quarantine for 14 days. “So we wrote her out of Season 3, thinking, ‘Oh, she’ll be back.'” Then she said, “I really need to spend more time with my family, I don’t want to do all the episodes.”

As of the penultimate episode of Season 4, however, the actor hasn’t shown up because her character is still in France. However, it’s hard to believe that she wouldn’t come back in some way for a possible final season.

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A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date

ABC officially said that the show would continue on May 13, 2022. Also, Season 4 of A Million Little Things is still airing, and the last episode, “Just in Case,” will air on May 18, 2022. So it seems a little early to ask when A Million Little Things Season 5 will come out. Based on how the past seasons have gone, we can probably guess that the new season will start around the middle or end of 2023.

The plot of Season 5 of “A Million Little Things”

ABC said Maggie and Gary’s rekindled relationship would be “put to the test once again” in the Season 4 finale as they continued their IVF journey and possible pregnancy. In Episode 19, Maggie’s mom Patricia Bloom came back as a guest star to support the couple.

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on May 11, Hardin hinted that Season 5 would have “some nice resolutions, in some ways” as the three characters got closer. She did say that Nash “keeps his cards so close to his chest,” but she didn’t know yet how their story will go.

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Eddie, meanwhile, finds out “a shocking secret” about his girlfriend Anna (Erin Karpluk) after her ex-husband Peter (Andrew Leeds) dies, which is likely to change their future. Giuntoli said of his character in early May, before it was known that Anna might have been involved in the murder, “I think he’s really trying to give Anna the benefit of the doubt.”

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“I think Eddie knows that losing a spouse, a marriage, and a life partner is a very hard thing to go through, so when he finds out she was lying to him and drinking and all that, he is pretty forgiving. So he loves her, wants the best for her, and wants to show up for her in ways he never did for Katherine.

Concerning Katherine, her relationship with Greta (Cameron Esposito) was in trouble after Shanice’s (Nikiva Dionne) recent visit, which led her son Theo to look for help from “an unlikely source.” Giuntoli, who directed an episode of Season 4, thinks that Katherine’s exes are “really crushing” after their divorce.

He calls the fact that they are now getting along “the best part of their relationship.” The actor also said, “I know Eddie still has good and bad feelings, and I’m sure Katherine does too, but they’re helping each other for their son’s sake.”

Is there any trailer Launched For The Series?

No, because even though A Million Little Things was just renewed for a fifth season, work on it has not yet begun. So, viewers won’t be able to watch a teaser or trailer, and they won’t be able to guess what the main plot might be.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as the official dates are launched. Till then, you can binge-watch the series.