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A List of Mobile Based Training Tools You Can Choose From in 2021

Mobile learning may be applied in a variety of ways. Students can watch live presentations and lectures. Students can view live lectures on their phones while the teacher is delivering the lecture. Learners may also develop a digital video library of diverse clips that they can browse or make on their own.

They may also opt to display their work online for others to see. Furthermore, archives of talks, lectures, and presentations may be produced for students to watch at their leisure, either online or offline through their mobile devices.

M-learning is a logical extension of E-learning and has the potential to make learning even more broadly available and accessible than in current e-learning environments..

It has the potential to improve educational quality. It allows for the optimization of interaction between teachers and learners, as well as between students and members.

Mobile learning in corporate training provides a method to reach employees who are always on the go, work remotely, or wish to do their training outside of business hours.

Types of Mobile Based E-Learning Tools

We’ve compiled a list of prominent mobile eLearning tools for you to utilise while creating an interactive eLearning course. Here’s a list to help you understand the Mobile based learning tools for 2021:


Claro can assist you in developing an online course using mobile-friendly HTML5. The tool has great features and alternatives for incorporating into your learning course.

This application includes pre-designed mobile themes as well as a full range of assessment capabilities that is often included in a PC course.

Whether you want to create flexible material, software stimulation, or a traditional eLearning course, the tool has all of the capabilities you need.

Articulate Storyline

It allows the learning content creator to distribute the learning material as a native iOS app or as HTML5, similar to a web app. The tool is basic, suitable for beginners, yet powerful enough for professionals.

The features of this content creation tool take into account mobile functionality and aid in the development of better, simpler, and faster mobile capabilities.

You may construct an interactive course by combining quizzes, slide layers, and characters.The simply accessible application, which can be used on both iPads and desktop computers, delivers the finest learning experience for students.


EduMe is a mobile-based training platform that enhances employee performance by making training more accessible. Individuals are empowered to perform at their best when they have access to effective learning and relevant knowledge.

The programme has an authoring tool that enables trainers to generate translated material using text, graphics, links, and videos by utilising predefined templates.

iSpring Suite

The iSpring Suite is an excellent tool for mLearning development. It aids in the transformation of information into full online mobile courses.

When you develop an eLearning course with iSpring Suite, it will function smoothly on all operating systems and devices.

All devices, including cell phones, computers, and tablets, may readily access the material. Furthermore, learners may learn on their mobile devices when offline.


All of these technologies are fantastic for producing mobile content and offering a wonderful opportunity to meet learning objectives. These technologies assist you in creating multi-platform eLearning courses that provide learners with interrupted  access to the learning material without regard to time, location, or the need to keep up with the race.

Use these tools to convert your eLearning course into a user-friendly, dynamic, and engaging mobile learning experience, regardless of the technical device your learners pick.


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