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A large French stock that was robbed in shock by robbers and employees

Even before the PlayStation 5 was released, Sony announced that it would reduce inventories of the next-gen console. The pre-orders left a bitter taste on some prospects, compounded by the lack of inventory. And the icing on the cake: stocks are robbed by robbers, like in an incident in France.

Several stolen PS5 pallets

This Tuesday morning, around 8 a.m., a FedEx warehouse in the city of Genas near Lyon was robbed by a team of criminals. Several people entered the room, their faces covered by surgical masks, in order to steal entire pallets from PlayStation 5. Armed with throwers of defense bullets, they helplessly and surprised in front of the construction site workers took measures. .

Once the loot was secured, the thieves fled in a van and car. After a day of searching, no vehicle was found by the police. FedEx management opened a psychological department to assist those on-site during the robbery.

While a lack of PlayStation 5 can already be felt, this type of incident does not improve the situation. Consoles that are easy to find on major resale or classified ads websites. The PlayStation 5 could also be sold out of sight thanks to announcements in small groups on social networks. It remains to be seen whether this stock will one day be found by the police.


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