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a high-end package at an attractive price

The Marantz PM7000N HiFi amplifier alone is sold for 1299 euros. The Focal Aria 906 Black High Gloss loudspeaker costs 690 euros per pair. Today, however, the two are sold as a pack for just 1390 euros. Take advantage of it, because at this price the Focal Aria 906 Black High Gloss loudspeaker is almost free!

Marantz PM7000N Hi-Fi amplifier + Focal Aria 906 Black High Gloss loudspeaker: for flawless sound quality

The Marantz PM7000N is specially designed for the most discerning audiophile. Is that your case? So be aware that the brand has only incorporated high quality audio components into this model to keep you satisfied.

When you choose this amplifier, you will benefit from the famous HDAM modules (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) that Marantz is famous for. Thanks to this, it is a dynamic, precise and detailed sound that is brought to your ears.

In addition to HDAM, the PM7000N uses the advantages of HEOS technology. You get access to network music (streaming). It is able to decode high resolution audio files (ALAC, FLAC and WAV) and lossless (up to 24 bit / 192 kHz), also decode 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz DSD tracks. With this amplifier you can enjoy your songs as they were created. The Marrantz Musical Phono MM Equalizer will also be available for optimal sound quality.

This Marantz PM7000N HiFi amplifier has four analog inputs and one analog output as well as a coaxial input and two optical digital inputs. It was also equipped with a USB-A input. Its output power (8 ohms) is 60 W. At 4 ohms it is 80 W.

As for the Focal Aria 906 Black High Gloss loudspeaker, enjoy all the advantages of the famous flax membrane. You can enjoy a very natural and perfectly reproduced sound, regardless of whether it is in the midrange or in the bass range. In short, this package will fully meet all of your sound needs. So don’t hesitate any longer and take the opportunity to offer you 2 quality devices for only 1390 euros instead of 1989 euros.

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Two quality devices at an affordable price Two devices that offer you a sound experience that meets your expectations Two devices that are not only powerful, but also have an elegant design

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