A Guide To The Best Animated Sequels Of All Time

Are you looking for the best animated sequels of all time? Here’s the list for you. Animated movies have been a favorite genre for both kids and adults for a long time now. These movies are made with a lot of care and attention to make sure that the design and animation work well together and that the story and character arcs work well together.

Animated movies that will be made in the future will learn from them about how to make a good franchise that people and animators all over the world will be excited about. This way, you don’t have to spend money on all the debated movies out there in toon-land. We’ve put together a list of six of the best-animated sequels ever made.

6 Best Animated Sequels of all time

Here’s a quick rundown of the best animated sequels you must add to your collection.

1. Shrek

The first Shrek movie was a huge hit. It was new in so many ways. If you didn’t know already, it was the first animated movie to win the Academy Award for a best-animated picture. It was also an all-out parody movie that was as much fun for adults as it was for kids. In a way, it looked like the Monty Python group had made a movie about fairy tales.

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The sequel did even more of that, but it also had a more interesting storyline. Shrek and his in-laws have an interesting relationship that isn’t just played for laughs. In Shrek 2, Prince Charming talks for the first time. This makes Shrek 2 the best Shrek movie.

2. The Incredibles 2

They are back in Incredibles 2, but this time Helen takes the lead. Bob and Violet and Dash are at home, so he has to deal with the heroics of “normal” life. It’s hard for everyone, but it’s even more difficult because the family doesn’t know that baby Jack is becoming a superhero.

Whenever a new bad guy comes up with a clever and dangerous plan, the Incredibles and Frozone have to figure out how to work together again, which isn’t easy, even if they’re all Incredible.

3. Kung Fu Panda 2

A lot of people can’t believe that Kung Fu Panda 10 is going to launch this year. Even though it’s old, the 2011 movie is still great. To say that the movie is about a panda with a simple design, the animation is actually very good. Since Shrek, Dreamworks hasn’t done this with the camera in such a smooth way. This makes the movie even better!

Besides, Kung Fu Panda 2 is great because it teaches us about family and Chinese culture, which makes it even better than the first movie. The movie can also be fun without making references to pop culture, which is something Dreamworks Animations often does.

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4. Finding Dory

Finding Dory is based on a formula that worked well in the first movie. One of the main characters ends up lost, and the other characters have to find them. The 2016 sequel is more emotional than Finding Nemo. There are more laughs, too! Not only that, but the animation had obviously progressed a lot in the twelve years between the two movies. At times, California looks almost like a real place.

5. Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me went on to try to appeal too much too young people with the Minions spin-off movie and Despicable Me 3. But before that, Despicable Me 2 hit the right tone for the whole family to enjoy.

Gru (Steve Carell) is everyone’s favorite animated bad guy. In the second movie in the series, he faced off against another bad guy, Lucy (Kristen Wiig). Carell and Wiig are so good at comedy that even when people can’t see them, they still play off each other so well.

6. Sing 2

“Sing 2 did something very, very, very good.” It beat out The Matrix Resurrections when they opened in the same week. Matrix 2 could have been a bad movie because of the bad reviews it got, but Sing 2 turned out to be great. Most likely, it’s a mix of both.

It’s not like many animated movie sequels, Sing 2 has the same average score on a movie database as the first one. This is because the Sing series’ best songs are in the sequel, as well as a lot of interesting new people.


So, that’s all about the best animated sequels that are worth binge-watching. Add any of them to your playlist and enjoy your weekend like a pro. For more such updates, you can stay connected with us!!

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