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A good plan for this connected thermostat to save energy

You know energy bills are going up, and if you’re looking to try to reduce your consumption, here’s a good plan for the Google Nest Thermostat E, a smart connected thermostat.

Google Nest Thermostat E: lower your bills

Google bought the Nest company and since then has been developing home automation products to help you in your daily life. Regarding the Nest Thermostat E, it is a smart thermostat that aims to reduce your consumption.

This is placed on its base and allows you to consult the temperature of your home very easily from its translucent screen. On the latter there are two functions, one that allows you to heat in the classic way in your presence and the other in the absence or energy saving mode to avoid heating your home when you are away. And if you forgot to activate the away mode, thanks to the NEST application, it can be done automatically as soon as you leave home. Additionally, if you’re looking to switch smartphones, we have a good plan for the OnePlus Nord 2.

With the app, you can remotely control your heating to the temperature you want while you’re away. You can even wind it up 1 hour before your arrival so you don’t get cold. The program is simple and intuitive.

Normally this thermostat costs 219 euros in the official Google store. Today you can order it for 99.99 euros in the sale.

Why crack?

To save energyFor its remote applicationFor its easy installation

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