A giant owl: the new artwork by Bordalo II in Coimbra

A giant owl: the new artwork by Bordalo II in Coimbra

Located on the facade of the College of Arts at the University of Coimbra, the piece is divided into two parts.

The play opened on January 17th.

A new work of art by Bordalo II has been on display in Coimbra since Monday 17 January. The Portuguese urban artist has occupied the facade of the University of Coimbra’s College of Arts with an owl split in half – one part has colour, the other does not. It symbolizes knowledge.

The piece is part of the “Big Trash Animals – Neutral” series, which Bordalo II uses to promote the concept of sustainability and awareness of the issue of climate change.

“It is important for me to work at a university that cultivates everything that should be the basis of a sustainable society, because my job is precisely to attract attention and address relevant issues. [Esta obra] It is a young owl, legs outstretched, trying to achieve its goals. There’s a split in the piece, with a more classic side that clings better to these old walls, and another side that’s more forward-thinking, more colorful, where new ideas and new problems are born to make everything work better in the future.” Bordalo II explains the work.

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