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A Game of Thrones actor was supposed to star

Toxic Avenger fans should be surprised with the latest announcement from Legendary, the franchise reboot studio. Toxie could actually be embodied by a well-known actor who appeared in the Game of Thrones series in particular. What inspires us and is it 100% confirmed? We explain everything to you here.

the Toxic Avenger franchise

The Toxic Avenger is a 1985 American horror parody film directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz. The Toxic Avenger, Troma Entertainment’s first real hit, has achieved cult status over time. The film that introduces us to the monstrous protector of New Jersey, Toxie, has three sequels. In short, Toxie, also known as Melvin Junko, was a surface technician who kept a swimming pool clean while also being the dead end for the gang in Bozo.

Melvin, who tries to escape them one fine day, gets dirty and falls into a radioactive vessel that turns him into a terrible monster, but very powerful. From that moment on, he will take on the nickname Toxic Avenger. Our disgusting but utterly lovable mutant hero tries to end corruption with disrespectful (if not entirely wrong) zeal and has quickly gained public favor.

In 2018, Legendary Pictures announced that it had acquired the rights to the franchise and was working on a restart. The bet was risky and then split the fans. However, Legendary has experience, especially as co-producer of the trilogy The Dark Knight or Jurassic World. Kaufman was then announced as the producer. Macon Blair (Blue Ruin) is responsible for the realization.

The Game of Thrones actor at the controls

Legendary recently reached an agreement that states that Peter Dinklage will be part of the reboot cast, but we don’t know how yet. However, some corroborating sources suggest that the former Tyrion Lannister would have starred, but this has yet to be confirmed.

One can easily imagine Dinklage playing the role of Melvin, as his transformation into Toxie could pique the interest of old fans and attract new ones. With a petite actor doing Toxie’s makeup and monster costume, the film would certainly get some buzz. As we know, Dinklage has no problem playing different types of roles. We therefore understand this choice of casting. Legendary is betting a lot on this new start and will certainly leave no stone unturned. And you what do you think of this choice? Do you find it appropriate? We’ll leave it up to you to respond to the survey below, if you’d like.


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