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A fundraiser was started to make a documentary about Alcindo Monteiro

A fundraiser was started to make a documentary about Alcindo Monteiro

The production aims to tell the story of the young man who was murdered by a group of Portuguese nationalists in Bairro Alto in 1995.

On June 10, 1995, a large group of Portuguese nationalists took to the streets of Bairro Alto and Chiado in Lisbon to beat the blacks who met on the pretext of “racing day” and winning the Portuguese Cup for Sports Path. The result was 11 victims, one of whom died.

The Portuguese Alcindo Monteiro, born in Cape Verde, was only 27 years old. He lived in Barreiro and had gone to Bairro Alto that night to dance – without ever being able to guess what was going to happen. Because of its circumstances, the Alcindo Monteiro case became one of the most popular in Portugal in the 1990s.

25 years later, Miguel Dores wants to make a documentary about his story. It was born as an integrated project into the Master of Visual Anthropology he is a participant in, but with the process it became a feature documentary film that is meant to go further and not just be an academic publication.

To this end, Miguel Dores started an online crowdfunding campaign so that everyone who wants to help can do their bit. As explained on the page, “Alcindo” is now in the post-production phase, which requires a series of technical work: colors, graphics, sound design, sound mixing, image rights among others.

Miguel Dores conducted interviews with family, friends and staff at Alcindo Monteiro. In addition, the documentary will contain testimonies from anti-racist activists, lawyers involved in the trial and people who were in Bairro Alto on that tragic day.

The goal is to tell your story but also to use it as a starting point to address issues such as Portugal’s colonial past and current racial issues, among other things. Miguel Dores has compiled a number of archive images from this period as well as newspaper clippings from newspapers and magazines to tell the story of “Alcindo”.

Contributions are free, but you can receive a reward for a certain amount. For € 15 you have access to a link (we assume that you will be able to watch the documentary in the future), for € 20 you get a shopping bag, for € 50 you get a t-shirt from Vhils (who takes care of the matter connected). and for 100 € you get everything. It is also possible to be a professional partner for higher values.

The aim is to collect 10,000 euros by June 30th. At the time of this writing, donations had been totaling € 3,945, 39 percent of the total. The campaign started on Wednesday May 5th and already had 122 supporters.


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