A drop in prices not to be missed


If you can’t stand the heat and want to spend your days in the cool, the Dyson AM07 Cool fan is available now for less than $ 300.

The Dyson am07: a practical and efficient ventilator

Would you like to spend relaxing moments in the coolness of your home? The Dyson AM07 is the perfect solution. With an output of 26 to 56 W, you can enjoy a constant blast of air through the room. Thanks to this performance, this column can generate an air flow of 500 l / s. What can you quietly relax on the sofa while enjoying a book or a movie?

If you have children or pets, the Dyson AM07 is the perfect tool. To drive the ambient air, this fan does not use blades, which guarantees optimal safety. On the other hand, it has the Air Multiplier technology, which consists in equipping the device with an amplifier ring that accelerates the air flowing through the aerodynamic ramp. When passing through the reinforcement arch, the ambient air is sucked in immediately.

This device also has a remote control that comes in very handy when the heat is pumping your energy. With it you can easily switch the machine on and off at any time. You can also adjust the intensity of the airflow as well as the vibration of the device at an angle of 90 °. And if you want to fall asleep, you can also set the fan to turn off (between 15 minutes and 9 a.m.).

The fan measures 1,007 × 230 × 190 mm and weighs only 2.85 kg. The power cord is 1.8 m long.

The Dyson AM07 Cool comes with a 2-year guarantee for carefree use. This fan currently benefits from a -25% reduction. The price therefore drops to € 299.99.

If you want to give your decoration a dark touch, the Darth Vader helmet in LEGO is optionally available.

3 advantages of the Dyson AM07 fan?

Safety due to the lack of blades Ease of use thanks to minimalism and a 2-year guarantee on the remote control, which avoids worries during use.

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