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A doctor crushes the conspirators!

There have been many conspiracy theories on the internet since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. Was the virus created in a laboratory? Is the mask really useful? A doctor showed his anger.

A very cash analysis …

Mathias Wargon, chief physician at Saint-Denis Hospital, was LCI’s guest to speak about the coronavirus epidemic that continues to rage in France. When the host of the show asks him about the reasons behind the explosion of conspiracy theories, the ambulance is very financial:

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We used to be able to hear them in the bistro, only their neighbors could hear them, they were a little bit drunk, a little bit stupid and we told them to come home if they were too drunk. Now they are at home, still stupid and on social media.

If this analysis does not take into account a lot of data (distrust of the government and natural misunderstanding of the situation, which leads to a failure to consent to authority), Mathias Wargon’s words still have the merit of reminding the government of the plight of the hospital sector at this time Health crisis and how the emergence of conspiracy theories can complicate the work of caregivers.


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