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A couple is stuck with a giant spider and calls for help

Being restricted isn’t easy, but being locked in with a monster is even more difficult. A couple from Vaucluse are calling for help today after discovering a giant spider in their home.

Trapped in a giant spider

It’s a story that makes the greatest arachnophobe shudder. According to information from France, Bleu asks a couple living in Grillon in the Vaucluse today for help after the terrible discovery they made in their home.

The spider found in the pair

While they were currently confined to their home like many French people, they discovered a giant spider in the hallway of their washroom. The “beast” measures between 8 and 10 cm and could not kill it. They tried, but they just managed to turn it off. Currently, the spider is locked in an airtight box, but they fear that it has laid eggs in the house. The couple called town hall, police, fire brigade, SPA and even a crocodile farm, but no one said they were qualified to help them. They turned to a specialized company, but they asked for € 1,000 to intervene. An amount that the couple does not want to spend and that is why today they are asking for help on social networks.

The spider has been identified as an alien species by a veterinarian, but cannot judge how dangerous it is. According to experts who saw the photo of the couple, it is a macrothele calpeiana, one of the largest tarantulas in Europe. It is a protected species and it is strictly forbidden to kill. The good news for the couple is that it is a harmless spider to humans. It remains to be seen how they get rid of it …


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