A Complete Guide to Get Into Chelona’s Rise Elden Ring

Players will be able to get to Chelona’s Rise in Elden Ring after they have made a lot of progress in Ranni’s questline. If you want to get into this tower, you first have to find three great wise beasts. This guide will show you where the large phantom turtles are and how to get to Chelona’s Rise in Elden Ring.

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Before showing off these places, though, it’s important to say that some players are having trouble seeing some of the best wise animals. To fix this, fans who are having trouble should go back and interact with the tome next to Chelona’s Rise a lot. This will make the “seek three great wise beasts” instruction show up over and over again. These players are also told not to use fast travel or rest at a Place of Grace in Elden Ring until they have unlocked the tower in the game.

Elden Ring: Three Great Wise Beast Places (Chelona’s Rise) Elden Ring

  • Players of the Elden Ring should start at the tower and go southwest until they reach the edge of the nearby cliff, then turn around and head back north. If you want to fight the first great wise beast, you should hit it with an attack of your choice.
  • Players should now travel eastward until they reach the spot marked on the map above. They should keep going until they reach the spot. Fans should look down and to the left to see the second great wise beast. It is important to go back to the book called “Cholona’s Rise” and interact with it again if the turtle isn’t there. Then return to this location.
  • When fans want to see the last great wise beast, they should summon Torrent in Elden Ring, ride northwest toward the Ringleader’s Evergaol, and look for Spirit Spring in that spot on the map. It should happen soon that the phantom turtle will fly over, and the players can use the spring to hit it. With a ranged attack, the beast can also be killed.
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Elden Ring: The rise of Chelona rewards you

These three great wise beasts should be found by players after they find them. They should now be able to enter Chelona’s Rise. At the top of the tower, fans will find a chest that has Ranni’s Dark Moon inside of it. Elden Ring is a powerful sorcery that sends a “cold, dark moon” at enemies. Many players will be happy to add this powerful spell to their collection of spells.