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A character who passed away could make a comeback

The arrival of the multiverse should allow Marvel to justify certain scriptural, convoluted, or comforting biases. There would be an opportunity to see certain characters return from the dead. Either way, this actor would see him return to the MCU.

the revenant

We can say what we want, but Thanos’ harrowing arrival at the MCU did great damage to our Avengers. In particular, we’ve seen some of our favorite heroes pass the gun on the left. If Marvel Studios have claimed they won’t restart their deceased characters, then death in the MCU is by no means inevitable (unlike Thanos), as evidenced by the return of all the heroes turned to dust by snapping Thanos’ fingers.

Additionally, the Multiverse, which was introduced in Phase 4 with likely Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, would be a way for Marvel to revive a character. One possibility that has not fallen on deaf ears since Michael Rooker, interpreter for Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy, confided in the comic book a possible return:

You know what ? I loved the character. I don’t know how they could do that, but of course it is possible. Anything is possible in the Marvel Universe, you know, there is time travel and a lot of other things.

As a reminder, Yondu is the adoptive father of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) in the first two episodes of Guardians of the Galaxy. While relationships between the two characters seem to be having a difficult time, Yondu sacrifices himself at the end of episode two to save Star-Lord from the clutches of his father’s ego (Kurt Russel) from the clutches of his father’s ego (Kurt Russel) at the end of a scene loaded with emotions .


If Yondu Udonta returned to the MCU, he could adopt the features of an alternate version and why not those of a warrior priest of the Zatoan tribe, the primitive people of the planet Centauri IV. It is definitely the first version of the character in the comics, their first Appeared in 1969 in # 18 Marvel Superheroes (Vol. 1) alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy.

While you wait or not for his character’s possible return, you can find Michael Rooker alongside Dylan O’Brien (The Labyrinth) in Love and Monsters, which has been available on VOD since October 16


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