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A box is auctioned for a record price, an astronomical sum

With the containment, the price of Pokémon cards has skyrocketed. Between collectors, interested streamers and new enthusiasts, the cards are snapped up for crazy sums of money. Records keep breaking, even though the number of first edition cards is no longer increasing. Lately, many intact cards have been auctioned for astronomical sums.

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Some houses buy Pokémon cards for the same price. This Friday, January 15th, an auction was held to purchase an extremely rare product: the first-edition Pokémon card issue. 36 boosters in perfect condition that caught the attention of enthusiastic admirers and made auctions soar. This sale was held by Heritage Auctions, the house of all records, and ended up at a crazy price: $ 408,000 or roughly € 337,000.

An astronomical sum that the owner can use to find out what’s in that ad. But this collector’s item is arguably more valuable in its current condition. And if the craze for Pokémon cards continues to grow, the price may well continue to rise. That display wasn’t the only Pokémon card product sold at an astronomical price last week, however. An extremely rare Tortank also found a buyer after an auction for $ 360,000 (approx. 297,000 euros). Its price remains somewhat justified as it is one of the few tortank cards of its kind that have been printed.

As health restrictions were put in place to counter the coronavirus epidemic that continues to take its toll around the world, many people are turning to new forms of entertainment. Pokémon cards were found in every playground of the 90s and 2000s and have found a second youth (at least the first edition).


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